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Riches to Rags thanks to the FSA
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Friday 08/12/2022 08:32:56 UTC
Thank you for visiting my site. Here you can leave your comments.
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9 ray
Location: France

Sunday 03/31/2013 15:09:53 UTC
Just testing
8 Charles
Location: London

Friday 02/15/2013 16:28:58 UTC
You have been treated abominably Ray. The FSA should be shamed instead of being awarded large sums.

7 Yvonne
Location: Denmark

Tuesday 01/31/2012 10:20:35 UTC
I have just read your story of the FSA failings and that awful robber. I'm very sorry that you have basically lost your enjoyment of retirement and now have to work. My uncle also lost his pension to that big company that crashed and was offered a paltry 11k for him and his wife to live on for the rest of their retirement, they are in their 60's and also are having to work.

Doesnt matter if its a con artist or a big named company, it still destroys your life.

All the best for the future.

6 chris& gail ( Lucy2)
Location: morley, leeds

Tuesday 07/13/2010 15:25:07 UTC
Many thanks for the welcome after we called on our return from Le mans 24hr sorry we didnt stop with you we will try another time.

regards chris & gail
5 Chris the Bigfoot
Location: Port Aransas, TX, USA

Thursday 07/08/2010 15:37:07 UTC
:-D I finally sat here and went through the MHF Newsletter and find an old friend Ray. The clouds parted Ray. I remember years ago reading your tales of travelling Stateside and having to leave and your Mums problems...well...all that stuff including the financial end of things that you could not talk about then and I see I can finally read about that. I wonder if the gang on the AC Group know about your web page? Chris Christensen
4 Barry Dobson
Location: Anywhere I choose to be

Tuesday 06/08/2010 18:08:39 UTC
So sad to hear you saga Ray but you are clearly a true gent from the help and trust you have shown me. Your van is the biz!

3 Jim Cregeen
Location: Spain

Saturday 02/13/2010 14:47:38 UTC
Not a bad start to the website Ray. Got a couple of ideas for you but will be in touch via email another day. 4pm here and the dawgs are giving me another of their sideways glances, so l guess it's close to walkies time again. Back atcha soon. Jim & Marie www.calasparraliving.com
2 P.C.Tibblington
Location: Liorac-sur-Louyre
IP:<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; []

Monday 02/08/2010 11:27:31 UTC
You site works well even with our low speed broadband. I just hope that plenty of people find it and the read the facts about the FSA. ;-)
1 Sid Miller
Location: France

Sunday 02/07/2010 10:47:40 UTC
6(^)6 A good start. 6(^)6